Welcome To Eagles Football & Cheer

A new season's here. We are excited!

Updated Friday March 10, 2017 by Lake Shore Junior Football.

A new season of football and cheerleading is upon us.  We can't wait to see those little guys, sporting their new Eagles uniforms and helmets.  And the cheer of the lady eagles, with their bows and pompoms.  Yes folks,  registration days have begun.  

As required by the OATKA league, veterans have the first opportunity at registration and selecting their jersey numbers. Veteran's registration will end on 03/24/2017.  Opn registration will begin immediately after.  At which point , new applicant can register.  

Registration is $70, but you must partake in our fundraising option, by selling or purchasing 15 raffle tickets per child. Tickets are $5 each,  with a top prize of two 2017 Buffalo Bills season tickets.  Four additional monetary prizes are up for grabs.  These tickets are a great fundraising option for the organisation.  You too can benefit from them, besides winning prizes. Here's how......Say your child is dying to play or cheer, but you are low on funds and can't afford the fee.  Well, don't fear, we've got you covered.  Here's what you do....pay by credit or by check and choose the option to sell extra tickets.  You will be given 15 extra tickest to sell.  You keep that money, and BAM!!, you've recouped the registration fee.  This will cost you $5, a fee reuired to cover extra ticket printing.  Keep in mind, we give you 15 extra tickets, not 14.  The 15th ticket will cover that fee.  In essence, you can register your child for free.  Your are still responsible for all processing fees.  You can email webmaster@lseagles.com, if you need further explanaton.

Here's some news for the big fellas, age 13 and under, you can weigh as much as you like as a striper.   14 Year olds can't exceed 150 pounds..  The unlimited weight does not apply to peewees.  Send me an email,  If you have any question about you child's weight eligibility.

So, let's get to it.  Practice starts 7/31, so register soon